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Apple devices and systems

Apple makes quality personal computer systems. These computers come in different shapes and forms, large-screened desktop computers like the iMac or lightweight, long-battery-life notebooks like the MacBook. Apple transformed the mobile phone landscape in 2007 with the iPhone, and "invented" a new computer category: the iPad defined tablet computing in 2010.

Apple ecosystem

But the important thing to note with Apple is that while their hardware is high quality and extremely well-designed, the product they're really selling is the system. Or rather their device ecosystem, where the availability of hundreds of millions of Apple OS X and iOS devices is a fertile breeding ground for software developers. The Apple App store allows more developers to reach their clients, without having to cut deals with publishers and third party distributers. The result: the hundreds of millions of Apple devices can host applications written by hundreds of thousands of software developers. Hundreds of millions of Apple users can share their apps and data between their devices. The market is there, the developers are there.

Continuous system software updates

And these developers are kept on their toes by Apple's regular releases of it system software. Because the vast majority of Apple users are running the latest version of the device's operating system, developers can actually target all the features the hardware has to offer. OS upgrades for iPhones and iPads have always been free of cost, and actively encouraged. And now since the release of Mac OS X Mavericks, Mac system upgrades cost nothing as well. Apple users and developers upgrade frequently, software for the Apple ecosystem is best-of-breed and takes full advantage of Apple's most recent software and hardware. Apple devices are supported for three to five years in terms of feature updates, and even longer for security updates.

Sharing mobile data

Apple understood mobile computing early, and has designed tools like iCloud to make sharing your data between your different Apple devices easy and automatic. Take a photo on your iPhone, edit it on your MacBook, show it off to frields on your iPad, Apple makes these data exchanges smooth. But the emphasis here is the base of Apple's existence: the individual Apple ecosystem user can easily share data between his own Apple devices.

Apple's "walled garden" with per-user fences

But did you notice the lack of enterprise orientation? Getting data shared between different Apple users and devices in an organisation is not as simple as for an individual, and it gets worse when data has to be shared with Windows and Android devices as well. With a few exceptions, apps on the App store only run on Apple devices. iCloud isn't available for Windows. Even if different individuals working on a project all use Apple devices, sharing data between different iCloud accounts is not even an option.

Words and Wires: Apple device - Linux server integration

Bringing it all together

Words and Wires is rather unique in that we approach computing from both a user-oriented view and a server-oriented view. Apple is the base of our user-oriented products and services, devices that normal users see and interact with every day. But we also have a totally different approach as well: servers to connect Apple devices along with any Windows or Android devices you need to use, based on Free and Open Source Software, mostly Linux. We've developed Linux servers for different types of applications, including email, file sharing, and cloud sync, and we can make the servers and services work together with any Apple, Windows, or Android device.

Apple hardware sales

As an Apple Store for Business affiliate, Words and Wires can help you select and integrate Apple equipment into your organisation. We'll prepare your order with you, and send it off to Apple. You pay Apple directly, and the equipment is delivered to your office, or to our office first to get the material set up, before we deliver it to your office.

Apple consulting

Apple hides an incredible amount of computing power under their user-friendly interface. We can help you access all the power you need, using Apple and third party tools, for all your Macs iPads, and iPhones. With over two decades of Apple experience, Words and Wires can help you get your systems doing what you want.

Apple trend-spotting

Apple has a limited product line, with upgraded products replacing current models around once a year. We carefully follow Apple news to figure out which Apple products will be upgrades when, and when is the time to buy, and when to wait. We can help you choose the right purchase timing to get the best model available, for the best price.

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