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Private email and cloud virtual servers

Privacy concerns after revelations about NSA spying have got people looking for alternatives. Our Private email and cloud virtual servers offer the major advantages of Google GMail and Dropbox, like access to your mail, contacts, calendars, and files from any Internet connected device - Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, and Android - but with a big difference: you're the customer, not the product. Your data is completely private, running on a server in your own office, or in a European datacenter under your full administrative control.

A Words and Wires private server is the perfect complement for sharing data between Apple systems and Windows or Android, without sharing to with Apple or Google.

Website design, creation, scraping, and hosting

The Web is ubiquitous now. It's in every “smart” device we use, we can instantaneously search practically the sum of human knowledge. But how can people find you? Whatever your business, you need a Web presence. Words and Wires designs sites to be simple to navigate and quick to load. Utilitarian tools to effectively communicate key information for our clients, to their clients. Based on the latest Responsive Web and HTML5 technologies, the sites we design for our clients rank high in Google searches, simply because they clearly convey the actual content of our customers' products, services, and know-how.

Database design and Web applications

Many businesses revolve around a specific type of information. For example, a school needs to track students and their courses, along with the grades they earn. Surveyors need a database to associate parcels of land with their owners, and the farmers who work that land. This kind of very domain-specific data manipulation maps well to a relational database. Words and Wires has successfully built database designs to model organisational data and workflows, with Web applications to access and edit the database. All you need is a device with an Internet connection and browser, and your organisation's data is at your fingertips.

Apple Mac and iOS hardware, consulting, and services

Apple found a way to sell hundreds of millions of computing devices: they make devices that individuals want to own and use. While standardised enterprise deployments have traditionally been based on Windows, the high desirability of Apple equipment, especially MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads for mobile professionals has led many larger entreprises to have a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, and foreword-looking entrepreneurs directly start new operations with Apple equipment. As an Apple Store for Business affiliate, Words and Wires can help to select and integrate Apple equipment into an organisation. We also carefully follow Apple news, and can help you choose the right purchase timing to get the best model available.

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