Private Cloud and Email Server

Your own private server, for your own private data

How can you afford to buy and run your own private server? Thanks to virtualization technology, an entire server can be encapsulated into a single software file that can be run on a properly prepared physical server. Within that virtual environment, you completely control your data, including how, and with whom, your data are shared.

You can run your virtual server on physical hardware in your office, or we can run it for you on a physical server in a European data centre. Words and Wires offers full backup services, with a warm failover server ready to run if you have a serious problem with your main server.

So you and your colleagues can use the same services you're used to -- email, contacts, calendar, and file sharing -- on any desktop or mobile device you want to use: Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android, but with full privacy guarantees and data backup, fully under your control.

You will use your own domain name, with an email address like first.lastname@yourdomain.com. You will have separate hostnames for your cloud and email server, like cloudmail.yourdomain.com or office.yourdomain.com.

And fully supported by Words and Wires, with a human to answer you directly seven days a week.

Private IMAP Email server

If you have ever used Google GMail, you already know the advantages of using IMAP email: you can share a mailbox between different devices, and your folder and message organisation is the same on each one. If you send a message from your smartphone, you can see that message in the Sent folder on your desktop, or even from a Web browser when you log into Gmail. All your sent and received email is available from any place you have Internet access.

However, when you use Gmail, all your mail is scanned by Google's servers. Your mailboxes sit alongside those of millions of other users. If you have a problem with your account, it's almost impossible to contact a human being, much less get the problem fixed. Finally, the privacy of your email is governed by the laws of the United States, which are much less strict than European legislation.

Words and Wires runs your private email server, wherever it suits you: on a server in your office, or in a European data centre, using virtualisation technology. This email server offers all the main features of Gmail: IMAP mailboxes, Webmail, out-of-office messages, mail forwarding, but access is strictly limited to your domain's accounts. You can have an unlimited number of users, redirects, and mailboxes. Around 2-50 users is reasonable, but there are no technical or license restrictions.

Private Cloud server

Google and Dropbox offer another kind of service: shared disk space where files can be stored for viewing and modification on different computers across the room, or even across the planet. Google also offers calendar and contact synchronisation and sharing between your google-connected devices.

Again, with Google or Dropbox all your data resides on US servers under US law, under the control of US corporations whose main revenue-generating product is data about you, and data about your data.

In contrast, Words and Wires provides you with your own private Cloud server featuring file, media, calendar, and contact sharing and synchronisation, running wherever it suits you: on a server in your office, or in a European data centre, using virtualisation technology.

You can download client programs for Macintosh, Windows, Android, and iOS devices, and automatically sync files, contacts, and calendar events between your colleagues and their devices. You have full control of your data and your users. You can add an unlimited number of users, calendars, files, and contacts. Around 2-50 users is reasonable, but there are no technical or license restrictions.

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