Web design

Web design

We've been building Web sites since 1995, and watched the rise and fall of the Dot Com debacle from the sidelines. The Dot Com companies pushed for snazzy, flashy sites to justify high development costs for their clients, and to build a trendy reputation for the designers themselves. Client needs were secondary to the Dot Com's objectives.

We took a different approach. Our sites are designed to be simple to navigate and quick to load. Utilitarian tools to effectively communicate key information for our clients, to their clients.

The Dot Coms are now mostly bankrupt, but we're still here, running client sites we built years ago.

A business presence on the Internet can be very cheap. A series of Web pages with text and images describing your business and contact info can cost as little as 500 EUR. This wouldn't even cover the price of a print run for color company brochures, much less their design cost!

Even better, a website can be updated whenever you want, to reflect the changes in your company. You can't change printed brochures if your headquarters moves, or your phone number changes.

But a Web site can be so much more than a printed brochure. That's why the real power and impact of the Web can be harnessed when a database is published on the Web. You can have your clients or sales personnel enter data directly for you to use, improving contacts and communications while externalising data entry costs.

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Responsive Web design

Responsive web layouts make pages visually attractive and easy to use on any device, from a desktop computer with a 24 inch screen, to an iPad or Android tablet, even down to a 3 inch smartphone screen. Take this website we designed: open it in your browser, and change the width of the browser window. You'll see the contents change as the window grows wider or narrower.

Try it yourself:

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